Our Team

Cynthia E. Cuenin – Owner & President

Cynthia Cuenin
Coming from several generations of elevator men, Cynthia E. Cuenin has an affinity for the elevator industry. She has managed several companies in varying industries throughout her progressive career, making her a knowledgeable and experienced professional. After establishing herself as a respected businesswoman, the next logical step was to found her own elevator company. Inspired by her personal ties to the industry, Cynthia knew she could reintroduce her family’s authentic, traditional services to today’s elevator industry that has become impersonal. With a mountain of history, a handy team of skilled professionals and a passion for the industry, Cynthia brings integrity, quality service and experience to elevator service.

  • Charles A. Cuenin III (father) is a retired elevator constructor with over 30 years in the field
  • James R. Cuenin (uncle) also a retired elevator constructor, worked over 20 years in the field
  • Raymond Geignetter Jr. (godfather) retired elevator constructor after over 30 years in the trade
  • Raymond Geignetter Sr., (great godfather) also retired after 30 plus years in the trade
  • Edward Erskine (uncle) worked in management at Otis Elevator in the 1950s