Benefits of Choosing Us

Cuenin Elevator can save you time and quite a bit of money. We offer you a great value without compromising quality. The benefits of choosing our company for your service needs are numerous:

  1. We have a small staff with no large office to maintain, meaning we have the ability to accommodate each of our clients’ needs promptly and efficiently. Cuenin Elevator makes it easy for our customers to reach who they need to speak with and get any issue resolved quickly.
  2. Due to the fact that we are a locally owned, small company, our clients have access to the owner of Cuenin Elevator who may be contacted personally with any requests, complaints and urgent matters. No nonsense—our clients can go straight to the source.
  3. If we have a service contract with you, service is what you deserve and it’s what you’ll receive. If we say your equipment will be serviced once a month, it will. We will always follow our contractual agreements and we know the client is always right.
  4. We will never let your service, repair, modernization, or installation be interrupted due to a work stoppage.
  5. Your bottom line is how we can make our bottom line.

Another advantage of Cuenin Elevator is that experience is the cornerstone of our company. We may be a new company, but our team has been working in the elevator industry for over 86 years. Each of our team members is fully capable in the field and boasts over 15 years of elevator experience. Our people are properly educated and certified to work on any kind of elevator, escalator, speed walk, dumbwaiter and lift. We are skilled in troubleshooting old equipment and modern machines. We can service anything from a modern department store escalator to an 80-year-old freight elevator used in an industrial factory. Here at Cuenin Elevator, our staff values excellent customer service, expediency and efficiency.